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Homeowners and electrical safety checks

If your home has had an electrical safety check before it will have a sticker on the fuse board indicating the date of the inspection and a recommendation for the time of the next inspection. There will also be a certificate indicating whether the previous inspection was satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

Homeowners require electrical checks for many reasons:

As part of general maintenance of their property.

Because an inspection and test is due according to their previous inspection.

Because they are worried by a fault that has developed.

After flood damage.

For insurance purposes.

Before the purchase of a house.

Signs of damage or wear and tear.

Because they know some DIY electrics have been undertaken in the past.

There are two inspections we can carry out. A visual inspection or a full periodic inspection and test. If you are unsure of which one to go for we can advise you based on the age of the installation and date of your last inspection.

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